Career Path to Date 

I studied Dairy Business in UCD and graduated in 2017. Part of which I spent 6 months in New Zealand and 6 months in Moorepark. It was after this I decided I wanted to own his own cows.

After finishing college, I spent 8 months working in Wicklow with Saturn Farms. I really enjoyed it and was my first real taste of dairy farming. I left prematurely for another opportunity which didn’t work out. In hindsight I should have stayed another year and learned a bit more.

In September 2018 I left the farm manager role I had taken and began working for LIC Ireland. Change of direction for a few reasons. But probably the best decision I made as it has allowed me to learn a lot and meet some great people and make great contacts. It freed up time which meant I was able to relief milk for people and build up cash and stock.

What is your future ambition?

I want to be financially stable with the ability to take on any other opportunities that arise for me in the future. 3-5 years away. I also want to be in the position to give someone the opportunity I have been given.

What has been your biggest learning experience to date?

The time I spent in Moorepark in 2016. Allowed me to meet great people and opened my eyes to the opportunities that were available in Ireland.

What was the most difficult aspect of your farming career to date?

The past spring has been tough. Between juggling a full-time job and calving 120 cows it’s been tough. Especially the way the weather has been going from one extreme to the other.

What is one specific highlight from your farming career to date?

First calf been born this year. Out of my first dairy stock I purchased. Pity it was a Jersey bull.

What inspired you to try and progress in the industry?

A trip to the Greenfield farm with Laurence Shalloe while studying in Moorepark. I enjoy working with cows.  It’s a tough but extremely satisfying job. I would say my parents inspired me to follow my dream and have no regrets.

What is the one non-farming thing about you? 

I was once a GAA head but injuries forced me to early retirement. I still love to watch all sports. Enjoy an evening off with my girlfriend and our dog. Something I need to improve on for next year.

Leonard Gavin