If you want to secure the success of your farm for generations to come, whilst taking a step back from the everyday running of your farm, then we will support you. We understand that leasing out a dairy farm that you have built up and heavily invested in, is a difficult decision to make.

There are many reasons why farm owners decide to lease their business and equally there are many reasons why people choose to lease their farm to us.

* Protecting your farms good reputation and securing its future succession
* Access to our Support Services
* If you wish, continual input into your farm business without the daily tasks

We know our farms and our landlords know us.

Livestock – Clearly defined breeding goals. For example, 1:1:5= one calf per cow per annum, one kg milk solids per live weight and more than five lactations per cow.

Grass – ensure that the stocking rates and cow type closely match your pasture growth curve. If grass is the key feed, then more than 80% of the cows diet should come directly from grazed grass.

Recognise that a farm is a combination of many things and use a “whole farm approach” to solve problems.

Social license – Ensure that we are operating sustainably and that our evidence-based reporting supports our social license to operate