Saturn Farms

Rob, originally from Wicklow, comes from a beef and tillage farm. Rob and Pam returned from the UK in 2017 after 5 years of farming & began Sharemilking on Gilltown Farm in January 2018.

In a previous life Rob studied Engineering in Tallaght IT & Pam Accountancy!  Rob & Pam’s team are all reliable and committed part-time members. The Gilltown farm is free draining, mostly dry land. Formerly a mixed beef, dairy and tillage farm, Gilltown is predominantly flat and is well developed.

Ha: 64.7  |  46 ha of support block  |  80,000 ltr bulk tank  |  24 unit parlour  |  190 cubicles  |  1.8 kms of roadway  |  27 slatted sheds for 300 animals  |  3 sileage pits  |  2 calving sheds