Eric Verschuure, originally from the Netherlands, is farming in Conna, Co. Cork since 2018 and began Sharemilking in 2020.

Career Path to Date:

Eric is from a non-farming background however studied Agricultural in University in Holland.  During this time Eric worked on a 400-cow herd dairy farm in Holland.   Eric spent time in New Zealand before moving to Ireland.

What is your future ambition?

The long-term goal is to own my own farm at some stage. Ideally back in Holland but happy to move to where opportunities are.

What has been your biggest learning experience to date?

Moving to Ireland, leaving everything I knew behind, having to build a new network and learning a new farming system has developed me into a better farmer and a more independent person.

What was the most difficult aspect of your farming career to date?

I always like to keep everybody else happy and find it hard to say no. This makes it difficult at times to manage workload, performance, social side, and progression towards your goals.

What is one specific highlight from your farming career to date?

Buying my first cows, a step in the right direction (hopefully!).

What inspired you to try and progress in the industry?

The people around me always said that it was near impossible to have my own farm if I couldn’t inherit one from my parents until I met a farmer from Tallow, Co Waterford who put me in contact with a lot of people who then helped to make my dream come alive.

What is one thing non-farm related about you?

I like doing stupid challenges like running 80km, cycling 230km or doing one armed pull ups.

Eric Verschuure