Eoghan hails from Tipperary and after Secondary School he attended Kildalton Agricultural College before completing a degree in WIT.

Career Path to Date:

Eoghan worked as a Farm Manager in Clonmel & in 2013 he began working with Bill & Audrey in Conna as Farm Manager.  When the opportunity came up for Saturn Farms to lease the farm in Wicklow, Eoghan and Cherish relocated with their children and took over the running of this farm in 2015!

What is your future ambition?

To buy land!

What has been your biggest learning experience to date?

The absolute necessity for a plan and to execute it well.  Also, the effort required to getting where you want to go & this ties into the need for a plan.

What was the most difficult aspect of your farming career to date?

Being out on your own for the first time.  Being fully responsible for all aspects of the farm from performance to budgets & team members.

What is one specific highlight from your farming career to date?

Developing other farmers to become Sharemilkers.

What inspired you to try and progress in the industry?

My Dad had another 10 years in farming and I decided to make a go at farming independently.

What is one thing non-farm related about you?

We have 2 farmers in the making!  I’m happy if they want to go farming or not, whatever they choose but so far they enjoy farming life.

Eoghan O'Dwyer