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Project Description

Eoghan and Cherish SharemilkersFarm Team

Eoghan and Cherish Sharemilkers

Eoghan & Cherish originally hail from Tipperary but moved to Wicklow with their 2 young boys to take on this opportunity.  Eoghan has a BSc in Agriculture from WIT; is with Saturn Farms since 2013 & leads a team of 4. They have plentiful experience on the farm gained from Ireland, Denmark & New Zealand. This diverse knowledge coming together on one team is proving beneficial!

The Farms

Eoghan and Cherish have been farming in Dunlavin since 2015. Eoghan began by milking 150 cows and will milk 400 cows in 2019. Dunlavin now consists of 2 milking platforms; Griffinstown and Burrow. Griffinstown is mostly free draining with some well drained land; the soil type is loamy. Burrow is free draining with sandy type soil.


71.5 ha  |  35 ha of support block  |  12 unit parlour  |  160 cubicles  |  3.8 kms of roadway


76 ha  |  29 ha of support block |  16 unit parlour |  130 cubicles |  3.3 kms of roadway