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Project Description

Farm Team

Padraic who joined Saturn Farms in 2015 is originally from a Dairy farm in Wexford and currently looking to sharemilking in Wexford. Padraic spent 2 years farming in New Zealand and has brought great knowledge from his experience running large scale farms there. Both Padraic & his partner Sarah have integrated really well into sharemilking on the home farm. Padraic is leading a team of 3, with Theo & Eric being the other team members. Eric is a young Dutch farmer who is going taking over Padraic’s sharemilking position in December 2019. Theo is from Muldova and is on the Conna team for last two years.

Saturn Farms TeamThe Farm

Conna Farm is situated in the Bride Valley. The soil type is sandy and free draining. Conna is the original O’Keeffe family farm with Bill O’Keeffe being the 6th generation to farm this land. Over the last 20 years this farm has grown from a 100 cow farm to the 400 cow farm it is today.

The Facts

Ha: 114  |  47 ha of support block  |  80,000 ltrs bulk tank  |  42 unit herringbone parlour  |  410 cubicles  |  4 kms of roadway  |  3 silage pits  |  1 calving shed & numerous calf rearing sheds